Repeated run-time errors


When using the training problems, I often get a message the a run-time error has occurred, preventing the problem from working.  A second message says something about AJAX...I can't quite recall.  I don't get these messages on other sites or on my computer except for  Does anyone else have this problem, or is there a known remedy?


can you give the exact link where you are getting these errors?


I'm getting the same problem in the Tactics trainer. When I click the "Last problem" box, and I finish the problem, the following message appears:

"An error ocurred during AJAX response parsing.

The error response will appear in a new popup."

Then a new, empty window pops up. I have to close the window, go to tactics trainer, click on "Exit" in order to leave.


sometimes this happens to me if i close my computer with the game explorer on, when i activate my computer again the game explorer gets stuck and shows me that same message as above, i just refresh and it solves itself, but i still have to make the moves all over again...


It's somewhat new to me and happens fairly regularly during my problem solving efforts on all of the tactics and mentor sites.  It seems to be connected to interactive 'Learn" section rather than anything else.  I can't recall having it in the 'Play' section when playing against the computer.  It stops the problem from working even but doesn't freeze my compuer or the website, in my experience; just the chess problem being worked.


Here is the exact wording of he initial message:  "An error occurred during AJAX Response handling.  The error response will appear in a new pop-up." 

I decided to open the pop-up that had appeared in my Info Bar, and the chess problem reappeared.  After my next move, the message appeared again.  After the second message, the pop-up (when I checked one earlier, that is, not this problem) went to some text about my moves, the problem moves, etc., which I copied an placed in an e-mail to the website.


Hello. I keep having the same issue. I tried with a different browser than IE7 (using Safari) and the same thing keeps occurring. Its kind of aggravating as it prevents me from finishing the problems. Any suggestions on how to avoid this? thanks.


Do you have a pop up blocker running? If so, try disabling it and see if you get the same issue.


I don't know whether my now various problems with are due to the recently announced website improvements, but now after I've used for even a short time, such as a couple of games against the computer and solving the 3 free tactics problems, after I leave the website, my computer gets functional problems that significantly slow it down.  I even went through and cleared out enough stuff (unused programs, cookies, other internet files) to give my computer a noticeable boost in efficiency, but the next time I used, it had the same clogging effect on my computer functioning.  I could not even exit the website without a long freeze-up that eventually (5 min. probably) broke on its own, allowing the website to close.


Thanks for the reports, everyone. We appreciate your help in finding the cause of this problem.

We're having a tough time figuring out exactly what's going on. If you know some of the answers to these questions, it could help us out a lot:

  1. What browser, browser version, and operating system are you using? (Example: "Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista") Have you tried other browsers or computers? If it works on some but not others, what are the differences? (Example: "the problem occurs when I'm behind the firewall at work")
  2. Do you run software that scans or filters web content? (Example: virus or ad-blocking software)
  3. What are you doing on the site when the problem occurs? If you can copy the exact URL from the location bar in your browser, that would help a lot. Some of you talked of the tactics trainer — what settings are you using?
  4. Have you changed any preference settings (in the browser or on the website) recently? If so, which and how?
  5. Do you use the site in more than one window or tab in your browser at the same time? (Example: editing a forum post while reviewing a game in another window)
  6. Does it happen immediately when you visit the page, or after a few clicks, or after a long while on the same page?
Please just post any answers you may have here in this thread. Thanks!



This is my answers:

1. Safari or Firefox for Mac OSX 10.4.11

2. Not what I know exept for the inbuilt antivirus in OSX.

3. The error happens when I'm trying to send a message to an opponent via the chat function in Chess on Facebook. I've tried to either block pop ups or not - it doesn't help.

4. No - but I make regualry updates of the system which I always do when asked to do so.

5. No - one tab only.

6. It only happens when I posted a message and either click on the enter buttom or simply press the return key.

The error message is as other people have had: 

An error occurred during AJAX Response parsing.

I press ok and this error comes up:

Undefined value on line number undefined in file undefined

I press ok and this last error comes up:

An error occurred during AJAX Response handling.

Then the chat function tries to post the message without any result. The chat function is also blocked until I make another move or refresh the page.

A few days ago I solved the problem by simply block pop ups but it doesn't help anymore.


I'm having same problem, and I con not even do any training any more...


Any help...




I have a very similar problem when I try to change the strength in playing chess against the computer. The problem is clearly OS-specific, I don't experience it on any other machine but this:

Firefox 3.0.7 (32bit) on Win x64, Pop-ups are enabled, no virus scanners, the browser has the default configuration, only one tab, happens immediately, Java version 6 update 11


An error occurred during AJAX Response parsing.
The error response will appear in a new popup.

And actually freezing here.

PS: IE 6.0 fails also when one tries changing strength, but it doesn't complain. Simply ignores your change.


im having the same problem with my chess mentor program which sucks because thats the only reason i upgraded to diamond from gold. please fix this problem.



i just experienced the same problem after upgrading to windows XP SP3 from SP2. (It had been perfectly fine before that, so i suspect it has sth to do with the upgrade, but i found no way to restore my system.)

the error msg "an error occured during AJAX response handling. The error response will appear in a new popup." will come out immediately after i click any buttons in Chess Mentor. Then the button is disabled(grey).

this is really pissing me off coz chess mentor is such a convenient and useful tool for learning chess. so PLEASE someone help to give a solution.

btw, my browser's IE7.


I don't know what browser you are using, but I added Google Chrome and use it only for playing chess.  No more such problems have occurred.


I was getting the ajax error and changed my pop up blocker to allow pop ups and so far it is working fine.  I am using a sbc yahoo browser and I also have ie8. --------------------A week has passed since I made this post,  and I am not getting the ajax error like at first but I am still getting it from time to time.... perhapes it is because I am using a dial up with a slow connection.

rooty wrote:

Hi! I bought diamond membership for Chess Mentor. But i cant study chess. Because;

"An error occurred during AJAX Response parsing.
The error response will appear in a new popup."

My system informations:

*Firefox Or Internet Explorer On Windows Vista

*I have Norton Antivirus and my computer hasn't virus.

This should be fixed now, please refresh your browser and try again.


I'm currently getting this on the first Chess Mentor only happens when I'm logged into my user.

"An error occurred during AJAX Response parsing.


The error response will appear in a new popup."


It happens right after I checkmate with the bishop (First Chess Mentor demo lesson). It does not occur if I'm not logged in (also trying Demo lesson). It has happened both in XP SP3 and OSX 10.6.8 using both Chrome and Safari.

I'd like to know whether there's a solution or not since one of my main objectives is to do the Chess Mentor course.


I tried the free 10 lessons demo, and when I complete the first lesson, I get teh exact error that MattNaddeo describes.


I'm on Windows 7 home premium, running Chrome 18.0.1025.162 m.

I have no problems with any other pages.

I haven't had any problems on any other websites.


The chrome popup blocker does block a popup. When I view the popup, it is an empty window.


I disabled the popup blocker, but still get the error (but now, of course, the empty window pops up right away, without my having to go view the blocked popup, since it is no longer blocked).


I was really interested in demoing the chess mentor for all 10 free lessons, as that would basically decide me between platinum or diamond membership.


As it stands, I cannot seem to get to any lessons other than the first--clicking "next lesson" after I bring the window back up again after exiting brings me back to the "free demo" page, with the "start demo" button. When I click that, it brings up the first lesson again.