Streamer/Youtuber Offers Chess Lessons


I recommend Kestony as a coach. Very easy to work with, highly knowledgeable and explains everything in an easy to understand way. A very patient guy too. Listens, explains approaches, uses examples. Provides a lot of background reading as well - watches you train and play and knows just what reading to send. Very good with the psychology of the pupil, knows when you are struggling and works with that. Good value for money too. I don’t hesitate to recommend him. 



I have been working with Kestony for five weeks, and my rating has increased by about 150 points.  His method is well organized and thus far has been comprised of game analysis, puzzles and reading. In analyzing your games, he quickly grasps your weaknesses and provides solid principles for addressing them. The puzzles train your eye to see combinations that were previously invisible and to my surprise, I am starting to see them in games. Finally the reading provides exposure to classic games and theory.. So far, it has helped me to refine the way that I think and talk about positions in detail. His videos reinforce themes from the lessons and are also a valuable reference. Working with Kestony has been a pleasure so far and I recommend him highly. 


I am very glad that I reached out to teacher Mr. Kestony, as my local chess school’s online timing didn’t work for me.

I am a 40-year old mother of two, who didn’t even have much idea about the basic moves in chess. I wanted to learn a new skill, so that I could play with my 12-year old daughter now and with my son when he is old enough.

Though my profile is not that of a typical student who sign ups for an online chess class, Mr Kestony was very patient with me and did an excellent job in guiding me through the basics. Looking forward to the day when I will have acquired enough skill to beat my husband in a game of chess happy.pnghappy.png


Kestony takes the time to understand where I am at in my game and then tailors his teaching to build up my game. I like his style of teaching. I highly recommend his coaching lessons.


Kestony is a great coach. Each lesson he teaches you a new concept based on your own needs and has a huge database of resources to teach from. Look forward to lessons each week. 


I highly recommend coach Kestony!  He takes a very systematic approach, identifying your weaknesses and helping you to improve. Lessons are well organized and I look forward to a new learning experience every week. Coach Kestony also takes interest in you as a person as well as a chess player. If you want to improve your game, coach Kestony is the way to go!


Mr. Kestony is a great coach that will help you improve in whatever aspect of chess you need. He is quite flexible with lesson times which works well for me. Clearly an experienced coach and it has been an absolute pleasure so far. Highly recommend.


I really agree with all these excellent reviews. I have worked with Kestony for a few months, and I can highly recommend him as a chess coach. He has a well-organised and patient style, structured to my particular strengths and weaknesses. He works hard, and we often chat about particular games I have played during the week. I look forward to each lesson. You will become a better player!

Kestony is very enthusiastic about what he does.
If you don’t understand something, he will very quickly go over that particular aspect/pull up a board and demonstrate an example so that you do understand it. This is important because I feel if something is being explained but you don’t fully understand the concept, it won’t stick. Kestony delivers his lessons in a way that makes sure you understand them correctly.
I’d recommend him as an effective coach for those looking to improve their game!

I saw Kestony's video on YouTube about playing black vs the London and was very impressed, so I reached out to him to start lessons.  I was around 1650 at the time (a couple months ago) and told him my goal was to get over 1700.  Well, I just hit a new high rating of 1736 so I am VERY pleased with the results!   Kestony is very knowledgable and has a thorough understanding not only of chess, but also how to teach chess.  I highly recommend Kestony to anyone who is looking to improve their chess game.


I have been having lessons with Kestony for three months after seeing his instructional videos on YouTube.  I am relatively new to the game and up until then I had been relying on lessons and analysis from to improve. My sessions are concise with good examples to explain the concepts and we often review review mistakes from my games so I'm learning not just what was wrong but why. He's really personable and I'm really enjoying. 750 to 1050 so far ...


Ah, everyone is finding the diamond. Soon he will be to famous. He already is. He is a special coach that is for certain.  


I have been taking lessons with Kestony for 3 months and my rating has improved from 800s to around 1250. He’s a really great teacher and a super nice person. He is very organized, really clear at explaining, and also very patient if you don’t understand something. He is super passionate about chess and about teaching. I am a musician and have been taking (violin) lessons most of my life, and I know great teacher when I see them! I I highly recommend Kestony to anyone trying to find an amazing teacher! 


I would highly recommend Kestony to anyone wanting to improve his/her chess game. Kestony is very personable, and he tailors advice and topics to any level. He is also good about giving you a healthy (but friendly!) push at times to help you meet your goals. He can also provide materials (including so many great videos) that complimentary to lessons, to provide for extra practice. 


Kestony is an exceptional coach.  Our lesson is my favorite time of the week.  In just a month my rating has increased 250+, but more than that, he excels at teaching me how to learn.  I'd taken lessons in the past, but Kestony is teaching me how to look at the game in a new light.  He patiently teaches you the "why" instead of just the "how".  This approach works great as you don't have to rely on memory.  I'm really happy I trusted the other reviewers and started taking lessons with Kestony, don't hesitate!