The Mentor told me I needed to look at some variations.I was doing a kings and pawns  end game.  What and where,Variations?  Also the mentor kept on about who has the opposition. Is that the same as zugswain?


Can you specify the course and lesson?


King and two pawns Vs king and Pawn. He said check variation 4, 5 and so on.  There were three pawns black had one on about a5 white on a4 and b5  the kings were close I cant say where. White had to do a triangle move to gain the opposition and finally get the black pawn without losing either of his white pawns.


Opposition and zugzwang are not the same, but can be related. "The opposition" is when two kings are staring each other down on the same rank or file one square apart. Thus might or might not be a bad thing, or might be neither.  Zugzwang is when one side has to move, but every legal move he has open to him is a bad one. Sometimes in endgames you get into a zugzwang position with kings in opposition, but I don't think that always has to be the case.


I have the same question. The Chess Mentor writes something diffrent variations to view, but there is no way to show the variations. Here are two examples:

1.: For a better understanding of this kind of position (after 2.Kd2 Ke6 3.Ke3 Ke5) see Variation Two.

2: Never let the White King jump in front of its pawn! See Variation Two for a taste of how play goes if this happens.

I searched for a button to show variations, but there is nothing


If you look at the listing of all lessons within the course, the "variations" are simply the next lessons.

Perhaps when chess mentor was an independent project, before bought it, there was such a functionality.