1 e4 e5 2 g4?


Hi , this is a move i recently have in mind, is it reasonable ?


The question mark in the thread title is accurate.


Only a Black playing on auto-pilot would bring the N out to f6 against this move.  g4 permanently deprives White of the chance to cover f4 or h4 with a pawn.  This suggests Black should bring the KN out to g6 instead (via e7) so that it eyes both those potentially weak squares, possibly after 2...Bc5 and moves like ..d6,..Nc6,..a6, etc. with a reverse color Bishop's Game.

This is probably worse than the Grob because at least in the Grob White has a chance to play d4 and try to turn it into a Center Counter type position.  Here d4 is falling under Black's control.