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1. ...e4 or ...d4?

  • #1

    1... d4

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    Or 1...e4.

    Which of these obviously illegal moves would you play as black?

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    funnily enough, i think this is quite interesting.

    I think i'd go for e5 topping the kings knight , while trying to remove it with f3 is a bit awkward and d3 may lead to an exchange of queens endgame after say nf6 which i like the look of.

    its really a question of which advance is more useful in theory, just an odd way of having it posed lol

  • #4

    this is interesting, I think I'd tend to go with the e pawn, maybe because I love playing advance french Wink. Use left and right arrows to navigate.

  • #5

    I saw the title and I missed the illegal part. Good one Ivandh  rofl.


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