Wats the best replay?


The best replay to 1Cf3 is 1Cf3. 

Hope it helps!


You can play d5 or Nf6 for instance (or g6, or e6, or d6, or b6... up to you). It´s a flexible move by white, but not really threatening, so just develop simply with black and you´ll be OK


Hello, I like to answer 1.Nf3 w/ 1...,Nf6 & then continue with as "universal" as possible moves to both 1.e4 & 1.d4 till white commits to a certain pawn structure. This is generally done to avoid a certain line that one player likes to play or it is used to get oneside to inadvertantly commit to what maybe an inferior line through transpositional tricks.


O.k 1Cf3 best replay May are Cf6 or d5 or c5


After 1Cf3 the most used replay is   1...Cf6. And after 1Cf3;Cf6 2.g3;d5 the white may go versus King indian attack or Reti opening.


In the king indian attack it is important to know the center configuration that come out from the opening. Practically all type of center for black are possible. Sicilian, french, slave ecc. ecc. The white plan depends from the center configuration. 


Ex: 1Cf3;Cf6 2g3;d5 3Ag2; e6 40-0: Cc6 5 d3;Ae7 The black center is of french type. White may prepare un attack on the king side via e4, h5 ecc.


Harryz it is in algebraic notation, just in a different language. In Italian and Spanish R is for king, D is for queen, T is for rook, A is for bishop, and C is for knight, and the structure of the notation changes a little bit in different places, which is why there is a semi-colon separating white's and black's moves. "1Cf3;Cf6 2g3;d5" is the same as "1. Nf3 Nf6 2. g3 d5". 

I think that because 1Cf3 is a very flexible move for white black can respond flexibly as well. What you play as black really depends on what you are prepared for and what white goes for. For example 1Cf3;c5 2e4 would transpose into a sicilian, which might be annoying if you don't know it. 1Cf3;c5 2c4 goes into a symmetrical english. 1Cf3;d5 can lead to a couple different queen pawn openings like the QGA, QGD, semi-slav, or catalan to name a few. 1Cf3;f5 2d4 could lead into a dutch (though in the stonewall I prefer the knight on h3 for white). 1Cf3;Cf6 is still flexible for both sides, and can still transpose into a ton of different openings. White could also simply go for the KIA pretty much no matter what black does.


Yesterday in the candidate tournamenr Svidler played the indian attack against Karjakin very interesting