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1.e4 e6 2. b3!?

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    a week ago i played against a player with black like this:

    any1 knows how black should play now and whats the name of this line?

  • #2

    Well, the name is Spielmann Variation, also known as Réti Variation.

    When you can find information on Spielmann-Müller, Vienna 1928 and Spielmann-Grau, San Remo 1930, as well as Réti-Maróczy, Göteborg 1920, you can see what the name-givers did.  

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    ok tyvm guys :D

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    i suggest pushing with d4 just continuing with the main line 

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    Oh, please, I don't want to be annoying or a pedant who always knows better, but sorry, Pellik, 2.b3 itself is not a Gambit;  --   and the Réty Gambit is as follows  Nf3  d5  c4  dxc4 ,  ( dxc4 is gambit Accepted ).  And yes, the books give more info !  Best regards !


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