Aggressive Response to 4...Nf6 in the Scotch

whatupyodog2 wrote:

You won cuz i messed up KG still sucks.


Why won't someone admit defeat?


jetfighter13 wrote:

Dumb Russians, h5 seems like a great responce to h4, ever heard of the soltis variation of the Dragon.

Black looks fine to me

That line is extremely weak. Black can get into big problems if he isn't extremely careful


yeah we already went over that, I was taking what the position handed me, which was not much, I was trying to give a better line than Gavinators opponent.


Hemingway was good, I loved Old Man and the Sea


Haha, reading...


dude it was a good book, just like the Hobbit, To Kill a Mockingbird, Farenhiet 451, and uh, Tom Sawyer.


Yeah I guess you find it fun to read, but all of those books sound like school books, I think it's pointless for us to have to be quizzed on books in school. That's one of the many reasons USA sucks at education... TKAM was pretty good, until I had to take a test on it and it pissed me off to no end.


yeah thats the only thing I hate about Literature class, well one more year and then off to college.

anyway my easiest class is History, the only class where I can Physicaly sleep in, (everything is perfect, lighting(not too bright), volume of teacher (softish, until she starts yelling about General Sherman burning Georgia,...) tempurature (around 65 66 degrees), and of course the chair makes a huge difference) but I got an A in that one easy.

The other classes I actually had to do something, I kind of agree with Fischer on the American education System.


Did Fischer think the Amemrican school system sucks too? Why don't you check out my schedule yesterday on the previous page


saw it here was mine (the actual class will be in parentheticals)

1. watch House M.D. (Psycology)

2. Play chess/ Poker/ win money off my buddies (study hall)

3. Nap Time (American History)

4. Practice Math/ Solve Knight's Tour (Algebra II)

5. Lift Weights (Weight Training[150 LB Bench, 200 LB Squat, 165 LB Power Clean])

6. Nap Time (Theology, I go to a Church School, actually I read up on the Renisance Popes, who wern't nice people, and deffinately not pope worthy people)

7. Play Chess v. Challanger's/ Chem Teacher (Chem)

8. Read/ Nap Time ( English)

note: Block Schedual, so at #4 that switches from A- B day 1234, 5678.


oh if I couldn't sleep during Nap time, I simply wrote music or tried to solve the Knight's Tour.

here are some of the people I listen to

Clapton (entire career)

Lenon (again Entire career)

McCartny ("")


Lynyrd Skynyrd


ZZ Top

Robert Johnson

BB King

Ray Charles


Stevie Ray Vaughn

Led Zeppelin



Johnny Cash

Willie Nelson


Bon Jovi

Van Halen


jetfighter13 wrote:

yeah we already went over that, I was taking what the position handed me, which was not much, I was trying to give a better line than Gavinators opponent.

You sure as hell did not take what the position gave you. You misjudged the position terribly. Do you really think it was a forced loss after bxc4?


You thought black was winning because of a double pawn. After that you think black had a passive but better position. After that you thought black was cramped but could draw. After that you thought black was a pawn down but could still draw(despite the lack of counterplay and positional inferiority, stating that a pawn up isnt winning). Finally you played yourself into a completely lost defensive position where you either lost two pawns and the exchange or going to be mated in the next ten moves where you said ''the position is unsalvagable, I just tried to do the best of it.)

Anyway, since I havent seen a proper parham refutation so far I'll just give an easy equalization attempt.

I'm sure there are ways to play for an advantage but at least here there is no way black is not equal. Having an automatic equal position in quite a few moves... Isnt this why gavinator said he was afraid of playing the scotch (while presenting a line which also gives black far more trouble than this junk!)


this post has moved past any productive conversation. The two main people who said the are trying to learn is refusing to help. its like going to the doctor and them telling you that you need to take this medication to get better then refusing it. You asked for help and you were given advice by more experienced, knowledgeable and skilled people. The are more interested now in having people listen to them that listen to others,... 

have a good guys no longer tracking


one more time then

this might have some errors in it, please tell me in a polite fassion, then I will fix it where you see them.


I think white could have played far better than bd2 though.


The_Gavinator has gotten over 1600 comments telling him how bad his openings are( the Parham and QFL). If he is still not convinced...


the setup that instinctively pops into my head is doubeling the rooks on the open d file and a bishop on e3, perhaps going to c5 in an attempt to make d6 a weakness. lets see here:


can't really get it in, bleh.

I think the c6 plan is bollocks though.


i dont get people who are down around my level trying to recommend positions to players who are 500+ better than them. Gavinator, Jetfigher why dont you both learn to play better chess before hadning out advice?


I can play real well, its just sometimes (quite often when I am handing advice out) That I overlook something, or am half asleep like I am right now, but yeah, I screw up somewhere along the line.

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