Aggressive Response to 4...Nf6 in the Scotch

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    ....nb5.... your stupid rd8 loses material again.

    You're not smart.

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    Played a senior at my high school twice in chess today. Two wins with the Parham, about 20 moves each.

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    It should be obvious that the opening is not the problem here...

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    I will only advise the four knights as it will be easier to play this:









    Than this:

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    But one is 3 moves in, one is 10. That's not a very fair comparison.

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    But why not have the first 3 moves go like this?

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    The_Gavinator wrote:

    I've looked in databases about this move, and it seems that in the next few moves almost all players exchange the d4 knight for the c6 one. This leads to rather drawish play

    i dont know why you feel its drawish. its incredible complicated where any mistake from white or black may cost them the is a random game by kasparov-I.sokolov yerevan 1996

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    I'd rather have a chance of doing that then none at all. There are also tons of other trappy lines (that jetfighter so kindly pointed out in his "refutations").

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    Expecting traps like that is unrealistic. The point of the Parham is to castle queenside and pawnstorm so do that. If they screw up with g6 then fine but don't expect that to happen often.

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    I'd rather have a chance of that happening then none at all though. I don't expect it, but it's nice in the rare chance it happens.

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    I know, the Parham is about the winning position, but there are also many players who drop material early in the game. They didn't do that in the game you played, but the Parham still allowed you to get good position.

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    That's funny, because we already posted his name, he has been rated in the 1700's.

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    this is my last attempt, whatup, Though I do agre black screwed up, We dissagree on where, you say 1... e5,  I say its in the later stages of the opening.

    just look at the parenthetical, I am not trying to refute the opening, just make it so that people relize that black has a decent to good position from it.

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    well of course black has a decent position, it's a stupid opening.

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    here is my thoughts on the game.

    and in jetfighter13s diagram i found this comment

    "And here MY opponent resigned, I will say, great job using YOUR very good middle game technique, and after you took advantage of your opponent's mistakes, you had an easy win."

    whats up with this my and your? are some of you the same person?:p

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    no I just left his annotation.

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    Can we please just keep the topic on the Scotch. If you want to keep talking about it then please start a new forum.

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