Albin Counter-gambit accepted


Chess Super-Newb here...did I go about this opening the right way??  This is aganist crafty at 30%...



Since there is no score, it is hard to pin point an exact error.

However, in general, ...b6 is never played in the Albin. The reason is that the b8 bishop is better developed on e6, g4 or even f5. Here the pawn on b6, rather than on b7, creates a weakness near Black's king.

In addition, Black, if he castles, should castle on the king-side rather than the queen-side. White's attack on the queen-side comes much faster than Black's attack on the king-side.

Black's pawn on the d-file keeps the pressure on White. Good that you still have it there! It's worth more than a piece in my opinion.

Hope this helps!




Thank you very kindly for your time and analysis.  It is much appreciated.