Any suggestion for blitz in this Caro-Kann line 7. N1e2

In this line, I usually struggle how to defend. White plan is simple,
Nf4 Bh7 then,
Bc4 (and take Bxe6 ) or (Nxe6 depends on position) or
Ngh5 ( and put pressure on my king side)
In this game, I played 7..... e5??  (though I won due to his blunder, black is bad with 7. ....e5)



Ne2 is misplaced and doesn't protect d4 pawn. Nf3 is normal and allows White to force trade of LSBs (which Black has invested 3 and then 4 moves to trade). Here the knight blocks Bd3 and when played leaves d4 hanging without c3.

Black to move, 7...Bh7 as you would with 7.Nf3 and after 8.Nf4 you have time for 8...Nf6 (protecting the LSB).

9.c3 (protecting d4) and you can develop normally (Nbd7/e6). Let White figure it out


Hmm, never mind, I found the repertoire. 

7. ..... e5 is good. But after 8. dxe5 it is 8.......Qxd1 !! and sacrifice the centre pawn (not 8...... Qa5+ and recapture)