Are there really no books on the Kramnik-Shirov Counterattack?


I know there's a Foxy Openings DVD with Stuart Conquest about the Kramnik-Shirov Counterattack (1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 Bb4), and a Chessbase DVD by Bologan, but I want a book. Are there really no books out there about this?


There's a Soltis book called something like "Beating The English" and there's a mongraph by Maurizio Tirabassi called "English Opening(A21)"


Thanks! I'm glad I made this post now.


I like this for black. I play the English myself and I think Nd5 is the best response by a mile, BUT at club level you might find that this isn't played. Then IF white does play the Nd5 move, then black has different bishop options which he can specialise in. 1c4 e5 2Nc3 is a common opening sequence I have played and have not faced Bb4 once OTB in the last two years I've been playing the English.

I face it on and it made a big impression on me. Roman Dvilli has an Anti English DVD based on an early Bb4 (but not at move 2) that's very good as well.


Thanks so much Ziggy. Someone at Chesspub was saying they liked that against the critical 3.Nd5 Black had various choices, allowing them to "create their own pizza" and get their own opening on the board, although the consensus seems to be that 3...Be7 is the best one. In GM Simon Williams' Chessbase DVD on the English and he made it look like after 3...Bc5 Black gets a bad reversed French position, meanwhile he called 3...Be7 underrated and good, and he was painting a very rosy picture from the White side the whole DVD so if he's speaking highly of a Black system then it must be really good.

How often have you seen 2...Bb4 here on or when you play online chess?

I was just thinking yesterday how I wished Dzindzichashvili would make a DVD on the Kramnik-Shirov Counterattack, I was completely unaware he had made an anti-English DVD with 3...Bb4. I can't wait to watch this one, even though it's 3...Bb4 I bet there are some similar ideas.


I play it. If white does not play 2.Nd5, then black takes on c3 and has a good position.


There may be some instances here:


Victor Mikhalevski gives Kramnik shirov line in his book Beating the minor openings.


Problem is, Black can't force the line to be available to him.  1.Nf3 followed by 2.c4 and 1.c4 followed by 2.g3 forces Black into something different.


1c4 allows e5 and 1Nf3 allows d5...

I've recently swapped from 1c4 to 1Nf3 because I would rather allow d5 than e5. Nevertheless I still like 1c4 e5 2Nc3 Bb4 as black. True 2g3 does require black to look for another move, but I suppose that's just "chess" :-)


Carsten Hansen gives a good bit of detail about the early ...Bb4 lines in "The Full English Opening"


Dolphin27 wrote:

Thanks! I'm glad I made this post now.

Dolphin27 wrote: Thanks! I'm glad I made this post now.