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Beginners should learn e4/e5 openings first

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    It doesn't have anything to do with theory. Open games usually give more chances for tactics and simple deveopment. 

    I mean if people enjoy pirc and French and all that they should play it. It seems to me that the knowledge required to play such things is hard to come by and unnecessary to win club games.

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    Not 100% .... i know some people with Unorthodox thinking

    and they want to jump in the deep side of the pool and good at it.

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    I am an e4/e5 player and even though I have most of my experience here, when I do get trapped in the opening it is usually an e4 game.  When white plays d4 I am not as comfortable but I don't get in trouble.  If white plays e4, the main defense should be e5 until you learn to play the sicilian.  e6??  I really don't get the french, but 1...e5 defends against 2 e5.  At least at my level french players cannot convince me to play into their prep.

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    After 1.e4 e6 2.e5 2.c5 White may never play d4 and get pawns in the center. Meanwhile Black can attack the practically isolated e-pawn over and over again. Maybe you will like the exchange variation better.

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    kikvors wrote:
    bean_Fischer schreef:
    DrCheckevertim wrote:

    Why do you believe e4/e5 leads to disaster?

    There are so many reasons. As White, can you play Italian, Scotch, Ruy, 4 knights, gambits, etc? And a bunch of openings that Black doesn't reply e5. If you can, you deserve high rating.

    As Black, What if white play KG? Are you prepared with your refutation?

    When you get to 1600, there are many good players at that level. Can you survive all of them?

    That's not an argument -- all openings have lots of variations. You don't explain why the variations after 1.e4 e5 are more disastrous than those of any other openings.

    And what 1600 players do is in my view quite irrelevant to the discussion, because 1600 players are either beginners or players who didn't learn chess properly. If you did learn chess properly and are not a beginner, then you'll be way better than 1600.

    Are there top players who never played 1.e4 e5?

    I have said whaever your argument, you can't change my belief. I will not play e4e5 if not forced by a thematic tournament.

    Top players can play anything they want.You don't have to tell them what they should or shouldn't play. You are not there yet.

    I have played those games with e4/e5, where I was crushed by

    I suppose you learn chess properly. Do you think you can better rating? Maybe it's because you play e4e5 but don't get higher rating.

    If opponents to play, play my game: Sicilian, French, and many other openings that I can use not to play their e4e5.

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    I want to make it clear. It's your choice to play e4e5. If you like an open tactical game, then you can play e4e5. Chess is for fun.

    Play your game, not somebody else. I have found that I like to play positional game. I save my tactical game for my opponent who challenge me to open my closed game. Well, sometimes I open the game myself for my tactical.

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    well .. e4-e5 will starts a tactical playing style (attacking,combination,sacrifice,etc) from both side when it comes to the middle game so it takes more attention.

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    PhoenixTTD wrote:

    e6??  I really don't get the french, but 1...e5 defends against 2 e5.  

    2.e5, excluding the Alekhine, can only threaten white. 


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