BEST form of sicilian.


What form of sicilian do you like?


Mine is the Smith-Morra gambit!

I like the Najdorf with English attack if I`m white and please something else when I´m black.


I play the Dragon as Black.


As Black, I like playing the Dragon

As White, I like playing the Smith-Morra gambit


I, personally, like the najdorf scheveningen hybrid. Black has a lot of options with it. (It's important to keep an eye of what white is doing to understand what the best move to make is, instead of just blindly following the move order or blindly aiming for the formation)



The Hippo -sicilian home bred :)

Accelerated Dragon as Black


Schveningen or however it's spelled....

I don't really like dealing with the Accelerated maroczy bind where you're practically forced to trade all the pieces off lol.


I usually play the Classical (5...Nc6 in place of dragon or naj) - its like a "safe" sicilian for otb players who do not want too much theory to learn


I'm with mezmer in that I almost always play the Najdorf-Scheviningen hybrid lines as black.


As white I always play the Alapin, but I think that the 9.Bc4 line in the Yugoslav Attack in the Dragon is the most dynamic line overall.  Maybe in any line of any opening.


Hyper-Accelerated Dragon!


Definitely Najdorf. Very reliable.


No comments about my hippo sicilian :)


AncientChess wrote:

Accelerated Dragon as Black

+1. Its just the reverse of the English I play as white (down tempo of course).



As White you've got to be prepared to meet many variations regardless of whether you like them or not. Personally if given the chance I'll play 6.Bg5 or 6.Bc4 vs the Najdorf and 6.f4 Levenfish Var vs the Dragon. I keep on telling myself to start playing the Closed and/or Rossolimo Variations to cut down on most of Black's options but I guess I'm too addicted to the Main Lines - mainlining it as a pal used to say

As Black I rarely play the SD in serious games but will try playing the Four Kts or Pelikan Variations occasionally. I've noticed a lot of inexperienced players opt for totally dud moves like 2.Bc4 or other mistakes that permit Black to play ...d5 very quickly with easy equality (at least) making life very pleasant for Black.


Sicilian -Penguin variation from white side
What's the hyper_accelerated dragon?