Best method to practice openings/best software?


Just noticed that I didnt really answer your question.... What I do [another old man] is keep physical pages of my openings written out. I stable folded sheets into little booklets and record my intended opening play there. Moves that are critical and/or non-intuitive or tactical I record as a chess position quiz with a set of old-style postal chess stamps. (It may be better to simply save the position as an image but I like the process of making a physical diagram w stamps). Periodically I update my booklets. As I play thru GM games I also record critical /thematic tactics in the MGs of openings I play the same way. It is non-optimal but OK for me and easier to review than lines in a book. -Bill


Thank you, SwimmerBill.  And thank you for those who have contributed.  I have a deal of research to sift through, and I am grateful.  -Don


Actually, in my opinion, playing the opening you learned regularly in games is the way to improve your opening knowledge. In this way, you are experiencing new ideas against your opening and also you know how to deal with the middlegame occurring after the opening. If you learned a gambit line and your opponents don't play into your gambit, I recommend you to join my team where you can practice your gambit lines in the tournaments we organize. We are going to organize tournaments after we reach 30 members so your help is been appreciated.