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Better drawing opening- Petroff or Rubinstein?

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    As a drawing opening against 1.e4 for black, which is the best to study- the Rubinstein french, the Petroff defense, or something else?

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    I just thought I should have a drawing repertoire as well as my usual one in case I need it- like in order to win 400 dollars I have to draw as black in the last round or something.

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    The Rubenstein is very drawish. It also has the nice side effect that a lot of times you can catch someone by surprise with it. For some reason a lot of people have never seen it. I've watched players who were mch higher rated than I sit there and try to figure it out.
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    What can be said of a French repertoire that features the Rubinstein is this:

    It's probably the easiest repertoire with which to assure you come out of the opening as black with no more than a slight minus, and a position where you're familiar with the strategic goals.

    After 1.e4 e6, you've got the Rubinstein, the Advance, the Exchange, and the KIA as major options, all of which are fairly straightforward for black.  The Reti gambit doesn't promise white much as long as you're aware of it going in, and 2.f4 gives white nothing.  Nothing else offers white any chance of a good opening.

    The Petroff has a number of lines which are tricky for both players, as well as several early branches of theory.  In addition, you might find it harder to prepare simple lines against the KG, the Center, the Danish, and the Vienna.

    I actually prefer the Petroff.  But if you're looking for an easy way to a nice, playable game, the French is probably the wiser bet.  Too many ways for white to throw curveballs against 1...e5, if you're trying to avoid that kind of thing.


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