Bongcloud Opening



8. Qxd8 +-


These bongcloud threads are jokes, right? The king does not belong running around and gets in the way of the pieces even more than the queen. It may be good for 1 0 though since the king is not necessarily going to get mated right away and they will be suprised by it but that's the best that can be said about it.


I love the Bongcloud, but 8... Qxg5 murders White. Btw, White didn't win.... King has to get to the Eighth Rank to win!


Actually, you win by checkmate.


Okay, for everyone who doesn't get it...the Bongcloud is a joke.  If you can't tell that, then please take your head and bang it against the nearest door about five times, and then say, DUH, DUH, DUH!  After that you will be enlightened with the blissful ignorance that is the Bongcloud. 

Elubas, I believe chessowns knows checkmate is a real win.  The fun of the Bongcloud is trying to get the King to the other side of the board while the enemy is coming after you.  If you get your king to the other side first, you win.  It is an alternate form of chess, for those of you who don't understand jokes!  :-)


Just trying to ruin the fun Laughing

No, joke analysis can be quite funny sometimes but only good joke analyisis. Maybe even I'll post a thread like that.

Is the bongcloud a real variant of chess? That could actually be kind of cool except the checkmate rule couldn't just be taken out but then the other side would just wait till the king comes up then just easily mate him!


Black could have made MUCH better moves.





Bri_lliance wrote:

Black could have made MUCH better moves.

 Ironic name...


That's how real kings should go into battle.



 Can you beat ttis puzz


Here's a pretty little game for all those Bongcloud (1.e4, 2.Ke2) players and admirers of the unusual out there, it's a funny old game as they say!




SteveCrockett, that would be the Sicilian Bongcloud.

Also possible is the Ruy Lopez or Spanish Bongcloud (1.e4 e5  2.Nf3 Nc6  3. Ke2!!)


The Bongcloud is so strong, I found this somewhere:


Actually, the correct name for 1.e4 c5 2.Ke2! is the King David Attack.

SteveCrockett wrote:

Here's a pretty little game for all those Bongcloud (1.e4, 2.Ke2) players and admirers of the unusual out there, it's a funny old game as they say!



See, this is why I'd love to crush the bongcloud the right way. The weaker players will just check a bunch of times hoping for mate, when he creates his own positional problems by wasting so much time trying to attack with 1 or 2 pieces.

The real way to beat the bongcloud is to get a strong position in the center (like with ...Nf6 and ...d5, usual stuff) as you always would, when white can hardly do the same because his development is so blocked, his king on the e file, and he can't castle to bring his rooks to the center quickly. Only when the center opens up when all of black's pieces are coordinated and can get into the game will the attack come naturally.


Portuguese opening, Bongcloud defence!


LOL. Very nice Conzipe.

Conzipe wrote:

This is for those who don't get it!

Every game in this world is bound to have some kind of glitch in them, and the same can be said about chess!

And this is where the boncloud comes in!
The bongcloud is a glitch opening which changes the rules of the games completely, all logic which ones existed in this game is completely erased after the astounding 2. Ke2!!. No one really knows (except Lenny) how the rules of the game looks like after this move.

I recently did some analysis on the copy-cat variation 2...Ke7?? which is a forced loss after the following completely ultra-forced sequence:


I think this illustrates why the Bongcloud is sometimes referred to as "The Devil's Opening." To the uninitiated, there's an appearance of magic.

Also, I can find no evidence to support the notion that at the Crossroads, Lenny traded his soul for the Bongclound Opening.