Botvinnik Semi-Slav 16. Na4

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    Recently I went to a tournament and had a chance to play 3 masters.  I managed to draw 2 of them, but the last guy was tricky and we went into the botvinnik variation of the semi-slav which is an extremely sharp opening.  On move 16 of the mainline white can choose between 16. rb1 and 16. na4.  I played 16. rb1 and eventually blundered on move 21, however, on move 21. ne4 white should be able to force a perpetual.  Is there anyway for black to play for a win in the rb1 line?

    Additionally, in the na4 line I have been unable to find the exact mainlines.  Could someone please post them.

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    Can you show us a move order/diagram?

    I haven't really been following Botvinnik Theory lately but from what I last knew about it I thought the Na4 line was the way for white to go for a win while the Rb1 line results in a draw due to 3-move repetition. Not sure if there have been any recent theoretical developments that may challenge that notion.

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    Here is the theory on the rb1 line which leads to a forced draw, but is there anyway black can play for a win?  Also I am trying to find the theory on the na4 line.  Does anyone know it?

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    Does anyone know the na4 line's theory?

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    no one knows anything on this?

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    No I don't know anything about this at the moment, i would like to know too Smile 

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    Ok so I have tried to find some deeper lines in the botvinnik after 16. na4, but im stuck after 16...qa6 17. a3 bxd5 18. bxd5 ne5! 


    does anyone know a better or fuller continuation?

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