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c4 opening

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    any 1 expalain the idea behind c4 opening. its pros and cons .. does it leads to closed or open game .... does it lead to tactical or positional games ... some books on c4 opening and some main variations

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    It's versatile, and can lead to either open or closed games, though white doesn't always get to decide this...so it's an opening where YOU need to be versaitle.

    It can be its own opening system (as with Kosten's excellent "Dynamic English"), or can be used as a transpositional weapon.

    A lot of GM's use it that second way to get into good 1.d4 positions, while avoiding some of black's more annoying defenses.  It's pretty effective for avoiding the Grunfeld, for example (which usually gets forced into KID lines).  And the Slav (which usually becomes a Caro-Kann).

    The flip side to that is that it opens up a whole branch of theory you can't avoid when black plays 1...e5.

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    Karpov does a really good book on the english opening so worth reading. Very true that it can transpose and you need to be able to play close postions and open ones.

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    @ MrBlunderful

    thank you very much.


    can u name that book ?

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    I play this opening everytime and i am still learning new things about it

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    In my experience, the English (1 c4) Opening most often leads to closed positions, and only rarely opens up early. 

    The PRO would be that White has more control over the opening than with 1 e4 and 1 d4 because Black's choices are more limited.  But because of this, White also gives up much of his chance to develop a "normal" or greater advantage out of the opening.  Still, Black players will often be less well prepared in the theory which does exist, since they don't encounter it as often.

    CON, as stated, is White isn't pushing hard for an opening edge, and so probably won't get one.

    Top players have employed the English occasionally for more than half a century, but seldom use it as their main White opening for very long.  It's respectable, but not awe-inspiring.

    The worst thing to do, though, is to run to the English to avoid learning how to play the 1 e4 and 1 d4 openings.  The pawn structures in the main lines are most common and most basic and every player needs a least a rudimentary understanding of how to play them.  There are no shortcuts, magic bullets, or free lunches.  Avoiding learning the basics only delays your improvement in the long term for the short term convenience of less work.

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    @ nothing12345 the book is called "How to play the English opening" by Anatoly Karpov. It features 30 games at the top level. Each game has about 20 branch games included in the analyst of the game.


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