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Chess.com hates Bobby fischer??

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    Its fine that chess.com is American site and Bobby Fischer and u.s.a had big problems with each other. But how could this reflect into chess.com's database? I couldn't locate a single game of Great Fischer into the database! Will somebody explain this to me?

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    Here is one: http://www.chess.com/games/view?id=118306

    Search for Fischer Robert J

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    Go to Game explorer and search database for his games. And then give me a link.

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    its funny, you know i really liked the beginning of rossolimo game Fischer played against spassky in 92. It was on chessmentor but i couldnt find it on chessgames, if you find it here please let me know.

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    TetsuoShima ... this one?



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    FanOfCarlsen wrote:

    Go to Game explorer and search database for his games. And then give me a link.



    Same as Makholm, less than 2 minutes.

    And a link to one of the games it comes up with, Fischer-Spassky, Site:Sveti-Stefan/Belgrade (Yugoslavia)


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    I know this is an old thread, but I was having the same problem as the original poster. If you just type in Fischer, the correct name Fischer Robert J does not show up in the automatic recommendations like it does when you type in other people's last names. But if you type in Fischer and start typing in Robert then it finally shows up. Like I said I was having trouble finding Fischer's games too because it wasn't popping up as a recommendation just typing in Fischer.


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