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Damiano defense-3...h5

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    The following Damiano defense is played:

    Black plays 3...h5 and all the known lines are shot. Is there a better continuation than:

    Basically, what would YOU do after 3...h5?

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    rssnspy6 wrote:

    Basically, what would YOU do after 3...h5?

    I would resign.

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    I would resign.

    If you are going to be snide and unconstructive, don't bother answering. I've never seen anyone play 3...h5 and I'm asking what the best response is.

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    You're line is good enough, the Damiano is basically unseen and undoubtly inferior. In your final position, white has a decisive material and positional advantage. In fact, many white players would readily give up one or two pawns just to cause such a mess in black's camp.

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    white has excellent compensation for blacks pawn

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    If you want something less pedestrian than 5.Nxf8, you can play 5.Be2, which I'm sure that is winning easily.

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    Well, to be fair, in exchange for the sacrificed pawn Black *has* managed to develop his King and Rook.

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    OK, now this is a good exercise: Is white winning after 4.Be2, or not?

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    No, I mean leaving the horse en prise (4.Be2). The other one (5.Be2) is certainly winning, although less easily than 5.Nxf8.

    I do not see something concrete either, but my instict says white must have something evil.

    Just an exercise on tactics, not something of real importance.

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    Thank you, all, for the discussion. I agree with Nestman, despite what Sam Sloan says, the Damiano Defense shouldn't be played (especially in correspondence chess).

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    The delayed  (as is often played) damiano e4 f6 often transposes into a Bongcloud defense.


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