Defense against 1.e4 help!


Hello, I need help choosing the latest opening for my repertoire.

With the white pieces I start with 1.e4 and play the Giuoco Pianissimo against 1.e5, the closed Sicilian against 1.c5 and the King's Indian Attack against 1.e7 (The French).
I think that studying this is enough for the moment since the other defenses are little played at my level (1500 ELO)

With the black pieces I play the King's Indian Defense against 1.d4 but I have not found a satisfactory defense against 1.e4.

Is there a defense against 1.e4 that closes the center and leads to a midgame where you attack on the kingside?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.





Judging from your current repertoire you might like the Pirc Defense.


Use the Simon Williams Special: The Black Lion. It is a bit more surprising for your opponent than the pirc.

Susik_Gaboyan find "Step-by-Step Opening Repertoire for Black".


If you like closed positions  the french maybe for you, the only thing is that you attack on the queenside instead the king, but in most variations you have a blocked pawn center just like the kings Indian Defense. but it sounds like you rather play closed positions than it has to be an attack on the king, like I like to take ground in the center myself so I play classical opengames/ruy lopez with black and QGD against d4 even tho the or now Im trying to play more dynamicly so Im learning the sicilian and grunfeld, they're not that similar, in play, but they do both give imbalanced dynamic positions


Play e5. I played the modern steinitz against the Ruy for years. You have a nice choice of going into aggressive lines (siesta and yandemirov) or playing a bit more slowly. The pawn structures and even some of the plans suite some KID players.