E4, D4 or C4?


Position #136 isn’t a Maroczy Bind.

The Position is still yet to be determined.

The d4 pawn has to be exchanged before it is Maroczy. The D pawn could go to d3 instead.

The Position would be called Bot something.




I wouldnt care much 😂

Optimissed wrote:

Believe it or not, this is an actual opening, called a Maroczy Bind, but it's probably been played too early by white. In general, when such things are played too early, black can get a good position by playing e6 and d5., I don't believe it. It may turn to a Maroczy if white manages to play d4-d4 as well, but he can't.


Why not?

Optimissed wrote:

Why not?

Because Black can either stop d2-d4 completely, or allow it under favourable circumstances.


Yes, that position looks like a lot of my 5 minute games from the black side.

However, people who play off-beat stuff like 1. e4 ... c5 2. c4 aren't suddenly going to revert to normality. They are the kind who don't look for an opening advantage but who go for unusual positions. Sometimes they play 3. f4. It's the sort of thing where if black is playing well, then black will get a good advantage, but it's a percentage thing.




Post #146

The move 3. Ne2 & Nf3 are not main moves, but yeah Black can play the above way to take advantage of White.

The main move on move 3. Nc3 which Black can play alternate way to take advantage of white foolish move.
White will struggle to play d4 and will have to settle for d3 which creates a massive hole on d4.

Very nice way to play as Black


e4 - overrated.
d4 - probably the best move technically. But like with e4 - a labyrinthine maze.
And like e4 - can become extra heavily book-dependent.
Nf3 - the most 'Solid'. But of the four best first moves - its the one that's heavily underrated.
c4 - underestimated in its difficulties. Its fourth in popularity but as it happens that's apparently where it should be.
After that - its a long way down to g3 - the fifth most popular and f4 and b3.
Then another jump down after that ... to the other 13 first moves.
It shouldn't be overlooked that what black does also defines whatever opening.
Not just what white does.
Yes that's obvious - but its often overlooked anyway.


I like e4 & d4, such as e4, Nf3 then Bb5 or d4, Nc3 then e4. 🙂♟️