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E4 or d4?

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    Lately, I have been focused on openings of a chess game, and just general posts on opinions of chess. This post is about whether you prefer e4 or d4. Most people will say e4, because you probably usually play that. But keep in mind that d4, aside from developing on the queen side, prevents black from playing the Sicilian defense. However, e4 is used for on the king side and there are many more possibilities. Keep this in mind as you post, and please be relevant, helpful, and try not to get into arguments. Thanks.

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    Anyone gonna post?

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    God forbid no one reply 10 minutes after you post.

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    What do you mean Sam?

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    And btw I can probably beat you in a live chess game

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    You should play 1.e4 at your level

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    The original thought is to start with e4 as it "tends" to lead to open games and will help improve your tactical ability/eye; however, there's a lot of people that say learning openings first is a bad idea and they are right. I think focusing more on how you should actually play and how to finish off games are the correct way to start learning chess. I wish I knew this when I was still a kid, oh well.

    I guess what I am saying is don't worry too much about openings and work on endgame techniques, then work on actual proper play, like which side of the board you should look to play depending on the position that arises from the opening; knowing where to play on the board is more important. Good luck with you chess, take care.

    P.S. I suggest, if you are really into chess, to read a book. I always recommend to people to read Jeremy Silman "The Amateurs Mind".

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    e4, because it let's you Parham.

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    The_Gavinator wrote:

    e4, because it let's you Parham.

    The hairy troll is back in place...

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    You are under 1000 and you are focusing on openings?

    What good can openings do to you? 

    It doesn't matter what opening you play, just follow the basic principles and you wil be more than ok.You are not going to need openings at all till you go to 1800(at least) and studying them won't help ypu understand and chess needs understanding.Understanding  is gained by studying endgames and middlegame. 

    Forget openings.Do tactics , study endgames , play and analyse your games otherwise a painfully slow improvement awaits you.

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    What Michael said.

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    I play e4 because I don't fear the Sicilian, nor any black defense. I am also a aggresive player so e4 would just be in my style of play.

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    I don't fear anything, although the sicilian is solid, it completely stops the Parham :(


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