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e4 vs a4

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    Here is the champion of 1 a4   : 


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    Playing 1 a4 is like ....


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    Now this would make more sense if we talked about .....

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    When I was a kid I would sometimes open with a4 because how else was I supposed to get my rooks out.

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    I've played against 1.a4 players only in bullet 1|0 games, it might throw off beginners and weak players but once you are accustomed to a few openings and understand the basic opening theory you care very little of a4 and begin to solidify the centre creating more avenues of attacking potential whereas a4 is strictly a flank attack.

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    It wasn't too long ago when the issue of photos/images were being uploaded onto chess.com was being abused, inappropriate pictures should and I believe will be removed and members always get warned. Its a chess site with minors, if you want to view such content do so with out publicising your recreational activities hobby on here.

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    When white plays a4 on move 1 it is equivalent to giving the other player the white pieces.  In top level chess the player with white has a significant advantage.  Why give up that advantage?

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    kiwi wrote:

    ... if you want to view such content do so with out publicising your recreational activities hobby on here.

    You aren't making sense here.

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    bongcloudftw wrote:

    e4 is better because you can play ke2 second move. 1. a4 2. ra2? doesn't give enough extra options to white's rook.

    Yeah, that is one of the main reasons why I like to play 1.e4. However, if I'm playing for a draw, then I don't want to play an aggressive move like 2. Ke2, so I will often play 1.a4 instead.

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    a4 is like telling ur opponent "I gave up already"

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    i prefer 

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    Dude get a BMW

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    macer75 wrote:
    rrrritvik wrote:
    macer75 wrote:

    I generally prefer e4 because I like open games. However, I occasionally play a4 when I'm playing for a draw. What are other people's thoughts?

    Are you mad.The objective in the opening is to control and centre and not give it just like that to the opponent.a4 is a move wasted. 

    But isn't controlling the flanks just as important? It's just like in soccer - some teams like to organize their attacks through the middle, other like to attack from the two flanks.

    No in openings the king is in the centre so it is better to has a tight grip in the centre. The flanks come in the middle game.


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