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ethiopian opening

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    stuzzicadenti wrote:

    Ethiopians are the long distance (marathon) runners, Kenyans are the sprinters.


    but they run the marathon at a pace the average guy couldn't keep up for 10 minutes

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    Hadron wrote:
    sadkid2008 wrote:
    Floating-Duck wrote:

    You're a sadkid alright. I don't know which is more pathetic the opening or your comments.

    No, wait....you're comments are way more pathetic.My bad.




    Also, thank you for all your input

    Ah no. 'You are' (or you're) denotes what you are and 'Your' denotes ownership. 'You're' is correct.

    As for your career as an opening inventor. Can I respectfully suggest that you invest some of your time in actually researching whether or not your 'inventions' are original.

    The line you give is anything but original....

    1.e4 e5 2.h3 (Was used by and against Paul Morphy in 1848 & 1857 respectively) Nf6 3.Nc3 Bb4 (Was seen in Narayanan Neelakantan (2230) v Poorna Sharma Mithrakanth (2335) 1992 and in the games of Xavier Delebarre (2264) between 1998 & 2000) 4.a3 Ba5?! 5. Nf3 ( In a IECC game in 1997).



    I was referring to the first one so I was correct. 



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    poucin wrote:

    why not...

    White just plays here with black tempo up.

    We get a Ruy Lopez where h3 can be a useful move.

    For example, Giri played several times the 4 knights with h3 with good results :

    If it is so weak, how can such a player like Kramnik be outplayed like this?

    Thank you! At last, someone who does not judge a move by the way it looks.

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    Floating-Duck wrote:

    @ sadkid I noticed you left a note on my home page claiming my comment was unnecessarily rude. 

    I honestly though you would see it in the context of your comments being unnecessarily pathetic. And sad. Which is why I said you are truly a sad kid.

    I hope putting all this into context makes my comment more palatable. 

    ?? I do not see any context, only more unnecessary rudeness. I am in no way depressed.

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    Chesscomsyndrome wrote:

    aids opening

    As far as I know, my opening has not transmitted any viruses.

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    Forkedupagain wrote:



    Your lack of reasoning makes this comment irrelevant.

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    Hey Grand Master Martian,

    Has your colony explored the joys of this opening Sequence? >>>

    1) Nf3 ... d5

    2) Rg1

    It was used by the Mongolian throat singers chess team at the Asuncion World Chess Olympics in 1823. 

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    Thanks all I'm an Ethiopian living in addis ababa I'm enjoying the talk show .Thanks for the advise sadkid2008 I hope we play live.

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    Thanks all I'm an Ethiopian living in addis ababa I'm enjoying the talk show .Thanks for the advise sadkid2008 I hope we play live.

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    I like the style by the way :)

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    what makes you think Ethiopia deserves any love?

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    Oftentimes white players may find the expectation of heavy aggression to be too great for their unsatisfactory testosterone levels. 





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