Evans Gambit Mainline


Hey fellow chess.com members, I've recently been studying the Evans Gambit for both sides and am quite puzzled as to why 7.Nf6 is not the main move in the mainline instead of 7.Nge7.The engine seems to regard this move as superior and I don't see any clear ways for white to gain an initiative. Is there any obvious reason for this that I'm missing?


Nge7 avoids Ba3 which prevents castle. 8.e5 could be another issue.

I wouldn't like to play black after this :

Maybe it is playable but scary, while after 7...Nge7, black can castle, unless white goes into 8.Ng5 but that's another story...


It does look menacing, but after 9.Ne4 Black seems to be holding together fine imo. 
Nge7 indeed looks like a fine move(avoiding Ba3 stopping castling) but I wondered why Nf6 here is so rarely analyzed.
Thanks for the response!


Just bump up da engine son.