Do you think in the french against the Nc3 variation you should play winawer(bb4) or the classical(nf6)


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Well I guess a quick response is that both are perfectly sound, though I believe that Nf6 is the most popular response at the moment. Personally I currently prefer the Winawer simply because it leads to immediate dynamic and unbalanced play for both sides. Black has managed to compromise White's queenside and so has immediate opportunities for counterplay. However, White has the bishop pair and the loss of Black's dark-squared bishop makes white's inevitable kingside attack all the more forceful. Black also has the perennial problem with his hemmed in light-squared bishop - I like to try to trade that off early if possible. Often white will play Qg4 to take advantage of the missing Black bishop and attack the pawns. If you really want to mix things up you could try the Poisoned Pawn variation where Black gives up a kingside pawn to attack White's centre (e.g. Qg4 Qc7, Qxg7 Rg8, Qxh7 cxd4).


Both are fine. Winawer is more complex, I think.


I vote for the Winawer. What would you play yourself, Harry07?


I like to play the classical type i think the winawer is dangerous.