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French Defense: Grigoriev Variation

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    I came across this attacking game of Alekhine V/s NN where he had 3 Queens to crush the Opponent's King. As the opponent also had 2 Queens, both the King's were lucky to play with them.

    This must be the only game on record which has 5 Queens fiercely covering ground on board.

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    An amazing game, but has been determined to be a fake by Alekhine.

    There have been several mutiple-queen games (six! and seven!) shown to be frauds, too.

    There is six "uncontested" (Krabbé) five queen games:


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    I enjoyed going through it; fabricated or not!

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    "Alekhine himself gave this game in his book MY BEST GAMES, in fact, although it was originally really only an annotation by him to his game with Grigoriev in 1915 (Alekhine was Black) showing the variation that he *would* *have* played (as Black) if White had played 11. gxh4 instead of 11. O-O-O. 11 castling in fact also led Grigoriev into a lost game with resignation on move 26."

    ASM Dickins & H Ebert, "100 Classics of the Chessboard"

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    Tim Krabbé discusses this in great detail.



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