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French Players: Prepare for aggressive Tarrasch!

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    There is one line in the Tarrasch Variation which you're going to have to study.  It is very rare especially under 1600, but it's always a good idea to prepare.  In this line, Black will be down an exchange and prevented from castling, however the King will be safe and Black gains excellent central control as compensasion.  It will look scary at first.  But trust me and this guy that's in the YouTube Video explaining how to play the French Tarrasch, you'll be fine!  BUT, YOU HAVE TO STUDY AND KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!  If you know what you're doing, and the White player does not, you'll blow them right off the board.  And under 1600 or even 2000 it's highly possible that they won't know what they're doing.  They might play this line, but afterwards they will be clueless.  However, YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING because if the White player does know what they're doing, THEY WILL WIPE YOU RIGHT OFF THE BOARD.  Enough with the intimidation.  Let me actually show you the line! 


    This is the video you're going to want to watch.  This is where I learned it from...

    Also, when I put it into the analyzer.  The position after 13.Qxh8 is actually scored -0.11.  

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    Its so agressive...

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    significado wrote:

    Its so agressive...


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    Meh I still prefer 3. ...Nc6 instead of 3. ...Nf6

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    or for my boring rubinstein fort knox variation XD!

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    If you want a wild line try this one:


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