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    If you play with wite and you want a win,

    wich variation do you prefer and wich do you suggest me?

    I play Open Sicilan variations, but I want something new.

    Can you write some variations please ?

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    Don't hold your breath expecting total strangers to be of much help here, but here goes anyway:

    FIRST, you should figure out your chess strengths and weaknesses and what you like and don't like to play ie do you like to attack, counter-attack or defend? Do you prefer open, semi-open or closed positions? Then you can start looking for openings that suit your style.

    The offbeat SD lines for White aren't popular because they offer fewer winning chances, but something might work for you if you know more about it than your opponents. Check out the Closed Variation (2.Nc3) and the Rossolimo/Moscow Variations (3.Bb5 vs 2...d6 or 2...Nc6). Don't waste time on the Smith-Morra gambit unless you're OK with playing unsound openings. Pick one system and stick with it for awhile.

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    Closed Sicilian does ok for me in OTB situations at least.  Haven't tried it much in OLC though.

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    Ok. I have already learn some lines of the closed Sicilian.

    But I'm searching something unpopylar.

    Something that when my oponent will sees that, he will say oh!

    And something else for blitz please.

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