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How do you play against 1.d4

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    So how DO you play against 1.d4?

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    The Quen´s gambit declined is a very solid and "easy" way of facing 1.d4. You put a pawn of d5 and defend it developing your pieces. A typical line would be:

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    the kingsindian or Dutch stonewall or the slav tschebanenko.

  • #4

    1. ...e6 (and secretly hope it transposes to a French)

  • #5

    The Slav or Dutch. Sometimes if I'm feeling insane the Englund gambit. Thinking of trying the Albin, too

  • #6

    So how DO you play against 1.d4?

    ...with great alacrity.

  • #7

    benko/blumenfeld and sometimes a nimzo heading for the b5 gambit lines.


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