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How does White play for an advantage here? (A variation in the Sicilian)

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    In this particular variation of the sicilian for black, how does white continue and try to play for an advantage after d5?


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    next move is obvious...

    U played all your former moves to establish a strong centre. So u want to keep your e pawn right?

    A usual idea in this variation and more generally in this type of structure, is to take on c, and occupy c square with a knight.

    An example :

    There are other plans fro both sides, but usually, black tries to undermine white's centre by f or c, while white tries to control black's activity....

    Thats just the beginning of the story since there are many variations before (black can play d5 instead of cxd, not giving c3 square for instance, or white can play e5...).

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    Here is what I play:


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    Of course 9.e5 Ne4 10.Nc3 is the logicall follow-up- plenty of master games available.

    The main reason that the line is not so popular recently is the refinement 7...d5(!), reserving the swap at d4 for later- when the c3 square is not available for the b1 knight.

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    nice @pfren wink.png


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