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How to Avoid Maroczy Bind After 1.c4 c5?

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    I like to play d4 early in the symmetrical English but I get dragon setups often and I don't want to enter any open sicilian lines. Here are two problem positions:

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    I'm not sure I understand.  You want to play a certain structure (c4 and after c5 d4) but don't want to allow the bind?  Then from the end of your diagram I guess you wouldn't play e4 and so develop with g3 and Bg2.  Or try the reserved e3 b3 with Be2 and Bb2 type setup.

    If you don't mind losing a tempo eventually you can play cagey and go to d3 first and depending on what black does you can later go d4 after development is complete (so you'll have pawns on c4, d3, and e3).  Of course if he plays d6 e5 the d4 break may not be best, but you'll have the more fluid structure with no hole on the d file and possible breaks on all three areas (b4, d4, f4).

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    coneheadzombie wrote:

    Solution #1: Quit playing chess.

    Solution #2: USE THE DAETH OPENING!!!!

    id rather take solution #1

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    wait so.. you don't like the marozcy as WHITE?  hm.. most black players of the sicilian go out of their way to avoid the marozcy so im confused. but you can always play d3. or just not play the english, because the symetrical response is fairly common.

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    OT: why do you want to avoid the maroczy bind?

    Surely it gives you the positional game id think youd want in the english.

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    No I don't really play the English for positional stuff. There are some tricks here and there that you can use to make things a bit more "interesting." But I mostly want to avoid the bind because I'm just not interested in learning it right now.

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    There's nothing to learn, just don't allow a bad LSB vs good knight ending and you'll be fine.

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    Try the G2 move order I believe its on move 2

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