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How to handle with Pirc?

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    maelith wrote:

    If you have lot of time to study, go for Australian attack, other wise try the 150 attack..

    Never heard of it before.

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    The Pirc is one of those openings that I love to face as white. At my level no one plays it well. I think it's the sort of opening that requires a better tactical eye and positional sense than 1600s are capable of. 

    I generally just play the fianchetto lines:


    1. e4 d6

    2. d4 Nf6

    3. Nc3 g6

    4. g3 Bg7

    5. Bg2 0-0

    6. Nge2 e5

    7. h3 Nc6

    8. Be3

    And white has a much easier game than black does.

    As "Chess Opening Essentials" says "If black now takes on d4, he allows his opponent active play. If Black plays mechanically, white obtains an unpleasant initiative with moves such as 0-0 and f4."

    I've found it a very easy position to play and have had good success with it. 

    Comparitively, the Bg5 lines, austrian attack, and classical variations all have several nuances that white must know depending on what black does. Those simply aren't present here. 

    Now, at levels above my own, I don't know how this line fares comapred to more ambitious one's. Its' one of the least choosen options for a reason. However, for those of us with day jobs, it avoids lots of theory for a very playable game.  

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    Kingpatzer, yes, I was thinking about it too :)


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