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How to play against 1. c4?

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    I suggest 1...c5 and go for a hedgehog formation with pawns on a6, b6, d6 and e6. Try and trade off the c pawn for white's d pawn to get an open file for the rook on a8. Sergey Shipov has an excellent 2 volume book series called "The Complete Hedgehog". Volume one deals primarily with how to play against 1.c4.

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    blasterdragon wrote:

    if your opponet plays the english most likely they are an extremely good positional player and know what they are doing probabley the best way to play is 1.nf6 so that white gets tempted into playing d4 where it would be normal queens pawn games

    good idea!

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    IF your opponent plays the english more than likely they are a 1200 who has been told by there chess club coach at school that it is a good positional opening that avoids theory.

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    the centre pawn triangle of c6, d5, e6 was suggested by mihail marin in his grandmaster repertoire series on the english.

    black can achieve that by playing various move orders involving Nf6 and the pawn moves mentioned above


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