How to play against Budapest Gambit

What is the best way to play against aggressive Budapest gambit ?


and now there are many good moves for white. peshka.png


4. Bf4 is one of top choices. 


No actually is there any out of book line ? 

I know Bf4 is good but that is in fact the most tested variation of Budapest. Black will be well prepared for that....... 


On your level nobody's well prepared enough to have fear about. Prepare yourself and learn on the way.Don't remember single moves. Remember plans and tactical ideas. Then you will get stronger.


Thanks.. I'll check that out. Actually I am wondering why it's better to accept the gambit?

Accept the gambit and play 4. Bf4. After castling, centralise rooks. If black didn't play Bxd2, move the Nd2 and attack black's B. This makes the so-called "aggressive" Gambit look very passive and poor. Accepting the gambit grabs the two bishops and the more active game, since it costs black moves to regain the pawn.

Check out Tim Taylor's book on the Budapest. While it is a repertoire book for Black, it gives some excellent lines for White. 

Other good books that may help include Boris Avrukh's Grandmaster Repertoire 1.d4 vol 2  and Bronznik's excellent 1.d4 - Beat the Guerrilla Openings!: A Powerful Opening Repertoire Against Annoying Black Sidelines. 

Play 2.e3 instead

Listen to SmyslovFan!
Bronznik gives five commented games. If you study them you will learn more than the Budapest Gambit.

Smyslov - Blackstock, London 1988
Rossi - Simonella, corr 1999
Muttoni - Soentges, corr 1999

Raykin - Farinas Lucas, corr

Cmylite - Slavin, Palau 2009

And most important: You learn by playing. This is an opportunity to do so.


Speaking as a sometime Budapest player, I think both 4.Bf4 and 4.Nf3 are better for White if they know the lines well, which is why I don't play it much any more. 


Super easy to play against: This is the mainline way and probably best: 

Hope it helps



Here the game Smyslov-Blackstock.



Here's a lecture by Yasser Seirawan on how to play against the Budapest Gambit.


I think this line is a very interesting one in Budapest Gambit......... 

after e5 what about Nf3 and if e4 then Nd2 followed by Nc3 and Qb3 with a brilliant french game with colour reversed. I think this is quite a surprising line than other Budapest main lines. 


@ilusmte But black just trades pawns and gets a comfortable game with nice development.


The most challenging variation against the Budapest is to accept the pawn and then play Bf4 to get the bishop outside the pawn chain, defending with Nf3 allows Bc5 with an attack on the f3 square forcing white to play e3 and lock the bishop behind the pawns. Of course keep in mind that black almost always recovers the pawn (hence why in a lot of circles it is called the Budapest defense). I used to play the black side of this opening, and there was pretty much only one variation in which black remained down a pawn, but in return white had doubled isolated pawns, and the bishop pair.


Well if you are a Budapest Gambit practitioner then you might know the strategic problems black faces..... I want to know them. 


There have been plenty of sources provided for you to research the Budapest for yourself.