How to take advantage of tripled pawns?

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    Should I exchange all my pieces to get into endgame?  And should I exchange all my pieces or just a certain type of piece?  Like minor pieces or major pieces?

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    Ok, I deleted my comment, I don't know enough about the subject to give sound advice. 

    The experts say a good way to pick off an isolated pawn is trade off all minor pieces, then line up a rook with a queen behind it on the open file in front of the pawn.

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    The key aim with tripled pawns is that the last of the 3 pawns is heavily undefended usually and if it is defended by a minor piece, you should exploit this weakness.

    If you're wondering how it is a weakness it is because your opponent has reduced attacking potential by using up a minor piece to protect a weak pawn, so by attack the minor piece defending the pawn, you will cause problems, combining an attack on the defender piece and trading pawns can severely damage any "tripled pawn line" your opponent has. This is like "overloading" the defender. 

    Another way of taking advantage of tripled pawns is to place one of your minor pieces "in between" the pawns, this can become a temporary outpost as for the pawns are now not able to push away your pieces (unless they have other nearby pawns or use their king). 

    Also, advancing tripled pawns is a weakness, as for the pawns get isolated one by one, so take note of this. 

    Hope this helped in some way Smile

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    Yes, it was helpful.  I really like the idea of an outpost.  

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    I see what you're saying about trading.

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