I need an exciting off-beat opening vs 1. e4

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    DarthMusashi wrote:

    I used to be a columnist at Chessville and my column was called
    "The Search for Dragons and Mythical Chess Openings". In that
    column I did exploration of unknown chess gambits and chess
    openings. You might be interested in the Panteldakis Counter
    Gambit against the Kings Gambit. It has the moves 1.e4 e5
    2.f4 f5. There are other chess openings that you may be 
    interested in. See link below: 

    Chessville Web Site

    The web site Chessville is no longer operational. My column has been placed at an archive site. Recently I have been on the archive chess site to recover my articles and game files. See link below:

    The Search for Dragons and Mythical Chess Openings


    Thanks for the replies, really interesting stuff. g5 certainly seems to catch your opponents off guard, that's for sure.

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    1...a6. Miles defeeated Karpov using 1...a6

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    Modern 1...g6. Play hippo moves after that if you want off-beat

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    I agree that you should look into the Alekhine Defense. It's more exciting than you might think and will challenge your conceptions about the rules of chess.

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    1. E4 Nc6 2. Nf3 f5... this is the Colorado Gambit. It might look a bit strange but there are so many ways for White to lose very very fast. There is an amazing Video on youtube about this. Just search there for Colorado Gambit and you'll learn an very effective surprising Weapon against E4.

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    Seeing all the BS that is written before me (the Alekhine or Scandinavian are not theoretical, ha ha), here is mine :

    1.e4 f5 is quite offbeat.

    Exciting, I don't know. Does the prospect of being checkmated before move 10 excite you ?

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