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Is there a sharp line I can use against 1...b6 if I play 1.e4?

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       Anytime white begins with e4 and black replies with flank moves, like b6, it's fertile ground for 'sharp' stuff. 3...g6 is a solid idea for black, planning to fianchetto the other bishop and control the center from the hinterlands. White's most energetic continuation may be 4.f4, with all kinds complications following after 4...f5. Czech grandmaster Pavel Blatny plays this line a lot as black, with mixed results. I checked out a bunch of his games, and this one was pretty amusing.....

        I have to throw in one of my own tries against this annoying 2...b6 thing. This differs from most of my games in that I actually won this one!


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    @bahubali371 same

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    I faced the Owen Defense once in the game below where I decided that if my opponent didn't want to control the center and threaten my position I would do it - my same attitude against the Modern Defense or Pirc Defense.  I started a Pawn Storm right up the middle, won a piece, got greedy and sloppy and ended up losing the game.  But the opening idea is, I think, sound:


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    Play the Naselwaus Gambit (3.Bg5)!

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    Owens blows ... early d5 by white blows it all to smithereens 

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    It is curious a NM seems most worried by 1...b6 against 1.e4.

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    @TwoMove when did the NM say that

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    In the first comment frustrated.png, but ok is really a problem to get sharp play against 1e4 b6, as opposed to anything else.

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    The NM never specifically said that he/she feared 1...b6 the most lol nice try

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    what did the NM even say surprise.png I seem to not be able to see it anymore...

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    exactly surprise.png

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    Guess it's true american's don't do irony,  even used an emoticon as clue wasn't being serious lol.

    As another wild guess maybe he said what is in title of thread surprise.png


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