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Is this how opening preparation is supposed to look like?

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    Okay, I see what you are saying.  To be transparent I just picked Sicilian because I thought with all the open Sicilians, closed Sicilians, Smith-Morra gambit, Alapin, Grand Prix, etc., then how could you find typical or thematic endgame patterns?


    It's not just the Sicilian.  What if you were an English player as white?  How could you study endgames associated with the English?


    But I get Yasser's point.  I just wanted to push back gently.  

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    It's all about the pawn structures, because they define the roads and inroads for the pieces. As a consequence, the activity follows certain patterns along the different stages of the game, which can be studied systematically.

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    You are asking the right questions. In asking them, be open to finding the answers to your questions. There are indeed good answers!


    If you can't find the answers in books, perhaps you could ask a knowledgeable coach rather than hope for random answers in a thread on chess.com for a solution.

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    Here's my advice: don't learn openings.  Instead, learn entire games.  Let's take an example of what I'm doing right now: I picked the Smith Morra Gambit.  Right now, I'm studying (though I've had to take a break the past month) the Siberian variation of it.  Okay, now that I've picked one variation, I then pick one game to act as the tree and the rest branch off of it.  Learn the tree first and then work backwards to learn each branch (each line that deviates).  I put it all on notecards and then test myself.  After about a month of not studying the lines I went back and went through some of them and have about a 90% retention for over 50 different lines.  This way, you're learning the opening but also learning the ideas of the middlegame and the endgame so you know how to steer the game from the opening.

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    Black just gave up a pawn in the opening and it is not deep enough.


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