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Kings gambit help

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    After making the switch from ...c5 to e5, I just played a 5 minute blitz... and got rocked. I hardly ever encouter this opening, any advice or analysis would be greatly appreciated!

    Thats the game. If you know or play this opening alot, if you could tell me the basics about it, that would be great.

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    5 minute it's not real chess :P


    I think I remember Danny saying that, generally, against a gambit you should try to play d5 asap (sometimes even giving back the pawn) to liberate your pieces.

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    d5 is one way to play the kings gambit accepted. You can also try to hold on to the pawn. The ways to do this are g5 and d6 followed by g5(d6 first to prevent Ne5 in the Kieseritsky gambit).

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    2...d5! 3.ed5 c6!

    3.fe5 or 4.fe5 is 0-1 after Qh4+

    4.dc6 ef4=

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    I too, remember Rensch saying that d5 was a good gambit counter. I just didn't see a good moment to play it. I realize that 5 min is not "real" chess, I just play it for fun and openings. I usually just check my games with a database afterward, but I wanted some KGA principles. Thx to everyone who replied!

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    On 5. 0-0 Black could get ambitious and try this line though it still can go either way for both players:

    5... Nxe4 6. Re1 d5 7. Bxd5 Qxd5 8. Nc3 

    And now, Black can play 8... Qf5 or 8... Qh5 with some very interesting times ahead. Personally, this is pretty nasty looking for Black to me.


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