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King's or Queen's gambit?

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    I have probably a stupid question but...

    I am a beginner and i play usually queen's gambit. I love it, but i want to improuve my chess,and when i play the KG, I always loose...could you recommend some tips, or explain wath opening it's must correct to pplay for beginner..and as well, the KG players, tell me if you ave a good ratio of winings.


    Thanks for answers, and sorry if it's a stupid post.

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    Stay with Queen's gambit.  You already enjoy, and it is good opening right up to world championship level!

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    thank you for council me, i will keep queen's gambit so.

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    Even though they're both technically gambits, the Queen's Gambit is regarded as very safe for white, and white almost always maintains the material balance out of the opening...  In the King's Gambit, it's much more high risk/reward.

    The Queen's Gambit is, these days, regarded as much more solid.  If you want to have fun, trying to play more wild, decisive games, go for the King's Gambit, but your overall results will ~probably~ be better with the Queen's Gambit.


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