King's Pawn OpeningWayward Queen,Kiddie Countergambit


Hello everybody. Happy Christmas to all. I am a newbie here. I started playing chess 3 months back. After I join Chess.Com few days back, each and everyday I have started to play Daily Matches, Blitz, Rapid and Bullet games. I am 40 years old and may be due to my age, instead of no prior knowledge of Chess, I somehow managed myself here. I am learning from all of my opponent's play. I love to play different moves, even in the opening. Today I played a match which is known as "King's Pawn OpeningWayward Queen,Kiddie Countergambit" - I didn't know of that. However after I won, I discovered that it is known as King's Pawn OpeningWayward Queen,Kiddie Countergambit. I am happy to post it here as I found that Chess.Com says - "There are no games with this position found in the database." - so my game probably will be added to the database. Hope all the chess lovers here will find this post interesting and useful.  Best regards!


Nice post, here is new chess learning website , this site may help you a lot, go to the section " Learn openings " you will get ideas explained in openings rather than moves. here is link ( )


Thank you @nasir391 - Nasir Bhai.


You are welcome



This opening has this name because it's seen in kids' tournaments and nowhere else. Most kids who "gambit" that pawn on move 2 actually didn't see it was attacked, so it's more of a mistake than a pawn sacrifice. But one opening that never seems to have such problems is the SCANDINAVIAN




Thank you @AlisonHart. Thank you very much.

Thanks, Denis. That makes a lot of more sense now that I think about it! =D

Is denis showing good or bad position for white, because queen can f7 and mate in 1 move



@denislabrecque has no idea what he's talking about. Black has full compensation after 2.Nf6.


in his "puzzle" can't u just Qxf7# I don't get it 



Of course it's mate. Black hast to play g6 before Nf6 in that line. As I said before, @denislabrecque has  no idea what he's talking about.


Is this really a real opening?


Yes, it's a real gambit. Black has compensation for the pawn here as in the text here (although White can do better,) you can play just about anything when White moves the Queen so early. I think Nf6 was even played against Nakamura back when he was messing with Qh5. FM Dennis Monokroussos did a video series on it a while back: It may not be as good as defending the pawn and playing normal, but it's not a mistake. But yeah, very old post here.