Let's Play: Rank the Bad Opening!

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    How's this: Let's play an unrated two game correspondence match. I'll play the Black side of the Budapest, you play the Black side of the Albin. We both can use engines, so the games won't be determined by a simple tactical oversight. 

    Btw, I don't play the Budapest as Black, so if you play the Albin you may have a slightly better chance of surviving.

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    I busted the Albin with a line that Sam Palatnik showed me, and since then, Chris Ward has recommended it in Play the Queen's Gambit.  Instead of the "old fashioned" 4.Nf3 and Fianchettoing the Bishop, play 4.a3!!  The idea is simple, you are going after playing e3, but we all know that the immediate 4.e3 is busted after 4...Bb4+ 5.Bd2 dxe3 6.Bxb4 (6.fxe3 is not quite as bad, but still White's going to lose) exf2+ 7.Ke2 fxg1=N+ -+.

    With 4.a3, White's plan is to play 5.e3, and Black simply doesn't have time to build up on d4 and hold it there.  He either has to trade it off eventually, or outright lose the pawn.  Normally he relies on this pawn to stop White's development.

    I'm working off sheer memory as my scorebook is at home and I'm not, but I seem to recall the game going as follows:

    1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5? 3.dxe5 d4 4.a3!! Nc6 5.e3 Bf5 6.Nf3 d3 7.Nc3 Qd7 8.Nd5 and the d3-pawn is toast!  White won on move 29.

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    I know this isn't on the list but eccentric English IM Mike Basman came up with 1.a3 -any 2.h3 - any 3.c4 and christened it 'the Creepy -Crawly' Smile I mean its got to be terrible, right?

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    Worst to best:

    1. Damiano

    2. Elephant Gambit

    3. Halloween

    4. Englund

    5. Greco countergambit

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:

    1.d5 2.h3 b5 3.c4 doesn't look good.

    I had a look and it seems like if he couldn't get 3.c4 in he went for 3.d3 - heres a game he drew against a GM



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    @ozzie...must have been an off day for Dmitri I think, although Basman's 'terrible' openings quite often caught higher rated players out. He was actually GM class himself but would rather plough his own bizarre paths in the openings that cost him rating points...

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    On a holiday in Florence I met a German. We played a lot of chess during the siesta. He played the Amar or Paris opening.

    Should this one be in the list?

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    Looking to the Amar opening, I have found the Paris gambit. A gambit in that opening?

    I would reorder the rank like:

    1. Damiano,

    2. Paris Gambit, because white makes all the effort to castle quickly demolishing totally unnecessary his own pawn structure in front of the king,

    3. Irish Gambit, giving a knight for a pawn and said to be weaker then the Halloween Gambit which is doing the same a move later.

    4. Latvian Gambit (= Greco counter gambit), and

    5. Englund Gambit.

    I removed the Elephant Gambit, because it starts the same as the Latvian Gambit, but does not open the king side. I expect 2. ... f5 to be worse then 2. ... d5.

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    what about the Blackmar-Diemer?

    I saw a GM play 2. ...  e6 instead of capturing

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