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looking for new opening

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    I am preparing for a hichschool chess team competition.  What is a good d4 opening I can use that is obscure but straightforward enough to play at my level?

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    Opening prep for a high school tourney might be wasted as soon as your opponent plays their first or second move.  Whatever floats your boat, though--adding a new opening to your repertoire can't hurt.  As for which one, it might help to know what openings you are already playing.

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    I play queen's gambit, stonewall defence, and mason attack.  is that Jaws from James Bond movies, btw?

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    It is Jaws, yes.  He looks happy, doesn't he?

    The Queen's Gambit is huge.  Add in the Stonewall and the Mason Attack, and you already have a sizable set of variations to study.  I'd work on becoming more familiar with the openings you are already playing.

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    At your level, studying openings is 100% waste of time.  First learn the basic principles of development and try to follow them.  Then practice tactics - you lose most games by overlooking a simple tactic, that's what you should be working on.  And the basic checkmates and simplest endings.


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