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My e4-e5 Opening: The Obscure Glek

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    I am not all that ambitious in the openings. I'd rather play for an equal middlegame than a theoretical battle. So I play the Glek, which is basically the 4 knights with g3! Here are some sample games of the Glek where black makes the wrong kinds of moves (...Bxe3, Ne7, etc). I play white in all of these games:

    Why am I telling you this? So you know what to look out for when we start playing each other! Sealed
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    Yes Erik! I also think this is a very reasonable system. I agree with your comment about aiming for an equal middle game rather than a 25 move deep theoretical opening where your opponent can suprise you with a devastating novelty that they saw in the databases by some GM. I also like to just achieve a equal middle game where both sides have chances and out-play my opponent. I usually try to stay away from the very sharp openings.


    I think the g3 move against the four knights game is a very reasonable and solid idea. The bishop on g2 can become very powerful on the h1-a8 diagnol if the player with the black pieces is not careful. Also the fianchetto set-up really keeps white's king safe for some time.


    Sometimes when I am playing white against the Sicilian defense I will even play 1. e4 c5 2. b3!? or 1. e4 c5 2. d3!? and play for the g3, Bg2 set-up to avoid all the opening theory.


    I look forward to playing some interesting games with you Erik! (once the website adds the feature for playing live games on the internet)

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    i want fight.
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    Interesting games. I am more of a classical player than hyper-modern. I go to the hyper-modern (Reti type) when I getting nothing from Ruy Lopez and the like. You played them very well I think - especially the first two checkmates. The third one, I think Black had you! I thought 22. ..Rxe1 was bad. He should have played 22. .. Re2 attacking your Queen. If you exchange Rooks, he would take back with Ncxe2+, followed by Nc2. If you don't exchange, he would play Nc2 anyway. My $0.02.
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    Careful, you hung a pawn on that Nf5 on the first game!  Surprised
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    aww to late for me
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