My Openings.....


Can you guys share your ideas of how did you change your openings? If so, can you guys also post of what openings you have used; to another!

Mine: First, I usually played Italian game which is a basic one. Second, I started to use and have more interests of Kings Indian defense. Now I play English Opening.... I changed my opening by youtube/my chess books. How about yourself?


I played the CaroKann and 1.e4 exclusively for a long time. now I mix in 1...e5 and 1.d4. I don't really know any theory in these new openings, I just wing it. So far i have beendoing well.


As White, I played the Spanish Game for a long time then switched to the Queen's Gambit Exchange Variation then moved to the Catalan (playing 2Nf3 to stop various Gambits) then back to the Spanish Game.

I have scored about 70% with the Spanish Game.

As Black I started with 1..e5 against 1.e4 then moved to the Sicilan Najdorf, then the Scheviningen variation.  Tried the French, and the Scandinavian (which scored quite well for me with 2...Nf6)


I tried the Grunfeld, Nimzoinidan and the Bogo Indian against 1 d4 for a while but have always come back to the King's Indian Defence

Am back playing 1...e5 against e4and enjoying it a lot.

Not learning using Youtube.  Prefer playing through annotated games collections of top players


When I first started, I played the French and QGD as Black, 1.d4/2.c4 as White, mainly because I developed my game into those lines like a baby develops being left-handed or right-handed.  I didn't look at any opening books, played a bunch of blitz games against others where I went to college, and asked after 3 months "Does this opening have a name?", and was informed it was the French Defense.  The Queen's Gambit I knew because I'd heard of it before.

That was 1996.  A lot has changed since then, and I've pretty much played every opening under the sun.  I refuse to EVER play the King's Gambit as White or Alekhine or Benko as Black as I deem them completely unsound.  Just about anything else, other maybe the Najdorf Sicilian as I can't seem to win with it or against it, I could still see myself playing.  "Currently", I play 1.d4 as White (Best by Test!), and basically 1...d6 against everything as Black.  Some call it "The Universal System".  I also play the Modern occasionally.


I`m often playing the English opening myself as white. Ive heard its a complicated/ complex opening to play and to face, so I often plays it against lower rated players or players that`s equaly rated to myself. I also enjoy playing the Italian game aswell as the Ruy Lopez even though I`ve played a lot of King Indian Attack lately.

As for Black I love to play Kings Indian Defense and Queens Indian defense when facing a d4 opening. When it comes to e4 openings I play Sicilian 90 per cent of the times and occationally I play the french.

Against c4 (English) I often reply with the Caro-Kann defense and are hoping to end up playing the slav defense.

I changed openings for a while, but the last year Ive been trying to variate as little as I can. Since the more youre playing an opening, the better youre gonna understand the mainlines and the more rare ones.

Ive picked up everything I know of openings here at