Need Good Opening


As the title states, I am in desparate need of an efficient opening. I want it to be 

1. Agrressive

2. Strategical

3. Stable

I usually like open or semi-open openings, but not closed. I've already sort of studied the King's Gambit, though I've found it to known for it's own good-people tend to know good defense against it. That's really the only opening I've studied, and because of that, I have a feeling that my opening is not strong at all.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.


A good opening you should learn is the Queens Gambit. It is a stable opening thats brings all your pieces together and you most of the time have a very good control of the center. I found that when I play the Queens Gambit my pieces are more devloped then those of my oponent.  Hope it helps.


You want aggressive and stable?




The opening isn't aggressive; the player is. Any standard opening can give rise to tactics or positional maneuvers. Anyhow, the opening is just a vehicle to get into the middlegame.


Against 1. e4, I suggest that you take a skip at the portuguese gambit (1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Nf6 3. d4 Bg4!?). In a lot the resulting positions, I have been able to thoroughly enjoy the feeling of efficiency that you get when steadily developing pieces in this opening -- Nf6, Bg5, Nc6, 0-0-0, e5 (e6 sometimes), Bc5, Reh8, etc. If you're interested, check out GM Jesse Kraai's wonderful two-video set on Start here:


Your rating says 1026. So you really should focus on fundamentals of strategy and tactics instead of this or that opening. I suggest as White playing something like the Lopez or QGD and as Black answering 1. e4 with e5 and 1. d4 with d5. When you get more experience and improve your vision of the board, then you can start fiddling with opening studies.


thanks for the advice, I'm working also on middlegame tactics, and doing's study plans. I try to play a lot to improve so...


the kings gambit is in no way stable lol


I realized that a soon as i started playing it

i couldve gotten a win at one point in one of my tourney games, but i blunderd somewhere, know what happens when you blunder