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need opening for beginners

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    I am green I know some basic stratagy but not that good I am looking for a few openings to learn that would be good for a beginer. say 2 for black 2 for white.  Right now I am learning the english and have sucsess when the verriations are followed but when they arent I kind of fall apart. would like good solid openings that tend to stay somewhat together no mater what the other side does and are easy to learn although they arent the best. Just want something to get me started .

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    In Masters of the Chessboard GM Reti recommends beginners learn open games first ie Double KP Openings as both White and Black whenever possible. At your level trying to learn the English Opening is like trying to learn Calculus when you don't know anything about geometry, much less algebra.

    You aren't going to find any openings that are "solid" and "easy to learn" "no matter what the opponent does" so welcome to the wonderful world of reality, at least at the chessboard. And BTW you need to concentrate on general opening, middlegame and endgame principles NOT on learning opening theory to the exclusion of everything else. Check out the Tactics Trainer, Chess Mentor and numerous articles and videos available here.

    As white I recommend the Italian Game and as Black the Petroffs Defense. Try learning ONE opening at a time as White and Black, although your mostly uncooperative opponents are also going to make you learn more by playing the Kings Gambit, Four Kts Game, Queen Pawn Openings etc. Click on this link for some handy tips:


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    A very safe opening that served me well for years as white was the Four Knights Defence. It's very solid, but sometimes dull, opening.

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    thanks guys I will talke a look at all of thoses I played the english only because I have a big book on it available I will start using the new openings next time I play. I will also Try to work a lot withe the chess mentor 

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    Sample Repertoires for beginners:

    1. Safe Opening

    White: English

    Black vs e4: Caro-Kann

    Black vs d4: QGD Orthodox


    2. Positional Opening

    White: Queen's Gambit, Some system vs Indian setups

    Black vs. e4: Caro-Kann

    Black vs. d4: Tarrasch


    3. Tactical Opening

    White: Ruy Lopez

    Black vs. e4: Sicilian Kalashnikov (tactical but not as theoretical as other Sicilians)

    Black vs. d4: Semi-Slav (some lines are tactical, still not as much theory as the KID or Grunfeld, I think)


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